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NAWS China Lake Air Show - 2017
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NAWS China Lake Air Show - 2017 Terms and Conditions of the Ticket(s)

March 18th - 19th 2017

Featuring the US Navy Blue Angels

The NAWS China Lake Air Show is back! Featuring the world famous U.S. Navy Blue Angels, with more acts to be announced! Come experience the excitement and the exhilaration of the NAWS China Lake Air Show!

Free General Admission / Free Parking / Tickets are Optional.  No bus or RV parking available.

Avoid the large crowds and guarantee yourself a great seat close to the flight line and enjoy a great show.

The Premium Box Seats are assigned seats facing the show! These are chairs with backs - not bleacher seating. Children 3 and under are free and lap only. If you wish to have a seat for your 3 year old and under, a ticket needs to be purchased. No umbrellas are allowed in this area.

The Flight Line Club enjoy all the action of the air show in the comfort of luxury seating on the Flight Line. Children 3 years old and under are free.  The Flight Line Club is a catered shaded chalet.  We offer a catered lunch, a shaded area with tables and chairs where people can get away from the sun and also open areas without shade, it is set at the flight line and it is not assigned seating.


Lunch 11am - 2pm

Chicken Kabob
Filet Steak Kabob
Rice Pilaf
Greek Salad
Hummus w/ Pita Bread
Fresh Fruit

Water & Soft Drinks

Dessert 2pm

Ice Cream Novelties

Beer and Wine Available for Purchase


No refunds/no exchanges
Tickets will be emailed within 3 minutes 

Our Privacy Policy

Payment in US Dollars

When do the gates open?

Gates open at 9:00AM. Static displays, kids zone, and exhibits will open at 9:00AM. The National Anthem will be at approximately 11:30AM. Performers will start immediately after that and continue until about 4:30PM. We suggest arriving in plenty of time before the performances are scheduled to begin.

How much is parking?

Parking is free.  There is No bus or RV parking available.

Is there handicapped parking?

Yes. You must have a handicapped plate or tag in the car and make sure the parking attendants are aware of your handicapped status. They will direct you to the area you can park in. Parking is limited and on a first-come, first served basis. Please arrive early to ensure a parking spot.

Can I bring a scooter/wheelchair/golf cart?

Motorized scooters and wheelchairs for disabled patrons are allowed inside the air show gates. Personal golf carts are not allowed. Please be aware that the crowds may be heavy, maneuvering may be difficult, and that there is no place at the show to plug in and recharge.

Is there a schedule of events?

We list our acts, but cannot give a specific schedule since schedules are finalized much closer to the air show. Schedule depends on availability and various conditions.

*All acts are subject to change/cancellation without notice.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Outside food and drinks are not allowed. There will be plenty of food vendors available on air show grounds.

Can I bring a stroller or wagon for my kids?

Yes, strollers or small wagons are allowed. Please limit any diaper bags to the smallest you can manage. All items will be searched by security personnel at the gates and will have final say on what is allowed.

What should I bring/wear?

You are welcome to bring the following items:

Comfortable shoes, Sunscreen
Comfortable clothing for a sunny day
Ear protection for the kids (ear plugs, etc)
Your camera (minus the bulky camera bag)
Something to sit on (blanket, lawn chair, stroller/wagon for the kiddos)
Money for the midway/food/drinks/souvenirs
A great attitude and a love for all things aviation related!


The following list details items, materials, vehicles, etc which are not authorized to be brought aboard NAWS China Lake during the 2017 Airshow. Current world and local events, in conjunction with Security and Safety requirements dictate the prohibitions. Case-by-case exemptions may be considered based upon medical necessity or other verifiable needs. All vehicles and personal items are subject to search at any time.

Recreational vehicles (motor homes, 5th wheel, camp trailers, etc)
Trucks with campers
Multi-axle vehicles of any kind (3 or more)
Semi-truck or big rigs (towing or bob-tailed)
No towed vehicles, trailers, or equipment
Any firearm, ammunition or explosives (CCW Permits not authorized)
Any other weapons: knives, batons, martial arts gear, etc.
OC Pepper spray, mace, other defense sprays
Any pets (except official service animals, owner must be able to poop scoop)
Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine or liquor)
Drugs, narcotics, marijuana or any paraphernalia
Glass bottles, jars or containers
Any flammable liquids or substances
Propane or natural gas bottles or cylinders
Cigarettes, e-cigs, cigars, pipes, etc (any smoking material or substance). *Smoking is permitted outside flight-line in designated area of parking lots*
Lighters, matches or any device which produces a spark or flame
Bicycles, scooters, Razors, skateboards, rollerskates, in-lines, hide-aways, hoverboards (powered boards)
Drones or remotely operated items of any size, style, or design
Laser pointers or other laser devices
Bags, backpacks, or containers of any size, including equipment cases or duffel bags. *Designated medical and diaper bags excepted - subject to search and verification*
Ice chests, suitcases, luggage, etc.
Motorcycle or street gang related clothing or attire, colors, patches, or any display of inappropriate materials or items. Anything which depicts or supports hatred, racism, prejudice, etc.
Food or beverages (except baby food, formula, etc)
Two-way radios (FM, CB, SSB, GMRS, etc) or scanners

What if it rains?

Unless the weather is severe, we will fly as much of the show as is safe and possible.  In the event that both days of the show are canceled, your ticket price will be considered a tax-deductible contribution to an IRC 501(C)(3) organization. Due to FAA permit restrictions and performer commitments, it is not possible to reschedule the air show for another weekend.

Can I bring a sun umbrella?

Sun umbrellas are not allowed.

Are cameras allowed?

Yes, cameras for personal use are allowed. Camera bags will be checked at the gate by security upon entry. Remember that the air show performance and many performers' acts are copyrighted, and your photography or video cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed in the air show area and should not be left in vehicles. Because of the festival setting with food and drink vendors, the Health Department prohibits animals other than legally allowed service animals. Please also understand that temperatures on the tarmac area can easily reach in excess of 120 degrees and will burn a pet's feet. Plus, the loud noises and explosions can injure their sensitive hearing and/or frighten the animals.

Will there be ATMs available?

Yes, there will be ATMs available.

Will there be any shade?

The air show is held under an open sky. You are encouraged to bring hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. No tents or canopies are allowed.

Do I need hearing protection?

The air show strongly encourages you to bring and use proper hearing protection such as quality ear plugs, especially for children. The noise from the jet engines and pyrotechnic explosions may be painful or harmful to some.

Look - don't touch!

Be careful when you are near airplanes or other displays. Equipment can be easily damaged. Do not touch exhibits unless you have permission from the pilot or owner. Keep your children close and let them know they should not touch anything. No smoking near the aircraft.

Is the show the same both Saturday and Sunday?

Generally, yes the show is the same. However, there may be some variations depending on special aircraft which may make only a one-day fly-by appearance.

Can I go out to my car and re-enter the show?

Re-entry will not be allowed once you have left the gates.

Can we watch the show from our car in the parking lot?

No. Even if you have purchased tickets, you must leave your vehicle and view the show from inside the fates. This rule is due to FAA safety regulations involving the performance area.

Can I arrange for a handicap parking drop off/pick up close to the eating area?

Unfortunately, we do not have shuttle service to/from the show due to foot traffic and aircraft proximity.

Why the restrictions on coolers, large bags, and totes?

The FAA and Department of Homeland Security have required us to enforce these rules for your safety. You will be on airport grounds. This is a rule common to all airports, major air shows, and events in the US.

What are the radio frequencies used by the air show?

That information is not released to the general public.


What types of tickets are available?

General Admission is free - a ticket is not required.

Premium Box Seats are reserved seats right on the front line, allowing for a great view of the show. The seating area also provides easy access to portable restroom facilities.

Flight Line Club provides many great benefits, such as catered food, beverages throughout the day and great seating areas. The seating area also provides easy access to portable restroom facilities.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Advance tickets (for all types of seating) can be purchased online from our website. Visit www.chinalakeairshow.com for more details.

How do I get my tickets when buying online?

When you purchase your tickets online, you need to have an email address ready. Tickets bought online are sent to an email address where you can download and print out your tickets instantly! Be sure you have a working printer handy as well, or a friend that will let you use theirs. If you have a smartphone with email access, you may present your e-tickets on your from from your email for admission.

Are children free?

Children prices are for ages 4-12. Three (3) and under are admitted free! If you would like your child 3 and under to have a seat in the Premium Box Seat area, you must purchase them a ticket. Otherwise, 3 and under will be lap only in the Premium Box Seat area.

Is there a military discount?

There are no discounts available for this event.

Are there any group discounts?

For group sales, groups of 40 or more, please call 805-687-0158 ext. 111

Are credit cards accepted at the gate?

No. Tickets purchased at the gate are cash only.

What is Premium Box Seating?

Premium Box Seats are set up along the front line, close to show center and organized into sections. You will receive a wristband that gives you in and out access to the seating area. Your assigned, numbered chairs are yours throughout the day and will remain reserved for you. The seating area also provides easy access to portable restroom facilities and selected commercial food and beverage vendors.

Can I use my Saturday reserved tickets on Sunday instead? Or my Sunday ticket on Saturday?

No, you must use the reserved Premium Box Seat or Flight Line Club tickets for the day in which they were purchased. The reserved seating areas have assigned seats and the other day's seats are already assigned to someone else.

Event Date
Mar 18, 2017 9:00 am
Mar 19, 2017 5:00 pm
Naval Air Weapons Station
China Lake
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
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